International Markets

Emerald Foods works closely with importers, distributors and retailers around the world, to supply a range of high quality New Zealand ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts to over 30 countries.

The portfolio includes a range of brands, such as premium Killinchy Gold and New Zealand Natural, everyday Chateau and niche offerings like Zilch (no added sugar) and Like Licks (dairy free).  

Our award winning ice creams come in a variety of sizes from single serves, retail tubs, through to 5 litre food service tubs. This allows us to cater for many distribution channels such as high end supermarkets, hotels, restaurant and catering channels.

A significant proportion of all ice cream exported from New Zealand comes from our state-of-the-art factory. As well as being compliant to New Zealand’s export requirements, Emerald Foods also meets the import criteria of some of the strictest markets, such as Japan, China, Russia, Europe and many more.

All of our ice cream is made with locally sourced fresh milk cream, delivered straight from the farm to our factory.