Emerald Foods Ltd is an international premium ice cream manufacturer based in Auckland,                  New Zealand.

Established in 1985, Emerald Foods employs over 200 staff and owns the market leading New Zealand Natural, Killinchy Gold, Chateau, Zilch and Like Licks brands. In addition to producing and selling a wide variety of branded ice cream products in grocery, foodservice and parlours, we also specialise in private brand development and manufacture for customers around the world.

Emerald have consistently been awarded Gold and Best in Category medals from the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association. We also lead the New Zealand premium grocery ice cream category, and we are proud to own 7 of the top 10 selling products in New Zealand key accounts.  (Reference IRI Aztec Data).

Currently exporting to more than 30 countries, we have offices in Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.